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454g Keith's Cacao Brick

454g Keith's Cacao Brick

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**Handmade Pure Cacao Beans Grounded Into Paste From Keiths Cacao.**

The original Ceremonial Grade Cacao provider, the world-famous 'Keith's Cacao' is sourced directly from Guatemala and shipped from Prague with love.

Keith was originally a geologist and adventurer who travelled to Guatemala in the early 2000s where he was introduced to ceremonial grade cacao. This led him to discover that Central and South American societies have used pure ceremonial grade cacao for centuries to open the heart, clear the mind and empower those working toward creative goals. Since then, Keith has made it his mission to bring the benefits of ceremonial-grade cacao to the rest of the world! 

We provide Keith's Cacao in block form and each pack contains instructions on how to brew the perfect cup. 

Ceremonial Grade Cacao is an amazing and unique superfood containing a natural mix of antioxidants, minerals and nutrients to help elevate mood, reduce stress, boost focus and creativity; and stimulate the heart.

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